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Goals to be achieved by 2027

Increase in exports

Sales of new products and services

Gas emission reductions

Incorporation of renewable energies

Incorporation of recycled materials

Jobs created
Highly qualified jobs created







During the first quarter of 2023 the Bio-Hub consortium has focused on the preparation and implementation of the phase IIb clinical trial of the product TP-102. Regarding the construction of the new productive unit for biopharmaceutical development, the consortium completed several activities related to the procurement for design and engineering companies. Related to the communication of this Agenda, the Bio-hub website was the first release of this Agenda, also counting with the participation on the ECCMID 2023 congress.

1st Quarter Execution | 2023

Finantial Execution

Cervejaria moderna

2nd Quarter Execution | 2023

The second quarter of the Bio-Hub agenda in 2023 was marked by the delivery of all necessary documentation for the Phase IIb clinical trial of TP-102 to the regulatory authorities, which will start in the second half of the year.  During this period, the company Telstar was selected to develop the designs of the new production unit, which are currently being developed. This quarter the Bio-Hub agenda together with the consortium leader, LxBio, were featured in the Business Year 2023 magazine, in a communique presenting the activities to be developed during the agenda.

Finantial/WP Execution

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